Display Sponsorship

The Ucluelet Aquarium is a non profit society. As such, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors to provide educational programs, conservation work, and job training to visitors, and our community.

Did you know that over the summer months, the Ucluelet Aquarium sees over 30,000 visitors? When you sponsor a display, you help contribute to the upkeep, stocking, regular cleaning, and feeding of that tank. As the season evolves, as do the creatures in our tanks – making every visit a unique one! By sponsoring a display for one season (March – December), we will affix a plaque to the display with your logo or name, acknowledge your contribution on our website and on our social media platforms.

Our 2019 Tank Sponsors

Octopus Tank Harry and Barbara Lee

Microplastics Display Remote Passages

Library Judy Gray


Painted Anemone Tank Ukee Seafood and Fish Pak

Microscope Station The Haist-Grinnell Family

Plankton Tank  Sirene Chocolate

Scallop Touch Tank Mieke Dusseldorp

Urchin Touch Tank Seiber-Johansson Family

Green Surf Anemone Touch Tank Wildlife Works

Invasive Species Tank The Bailey Family

Sponge Touch Tank Rubio

Community Tank  Rebecca and Samson Gratton

Our 2017 Tank Sponsors

Decorator Crab Cube – Pina

Octopus Tank – Harry and Barbara Lee

Squat Lobster Tank – IN NEED OF SPONSOR

Sea Cucumber Touch Tank – Mieke Dusseldorp

Sea Glass Touch Tank – Seiber-Johansson Family

Ochre Star Touch Tank – Wildlife Works

Red Turban Snails Tank – The Bailey Family

Shadow Box Educational Display – K’pure Naturals

Marine Debris Tank – Eke Academy of Martial Arts


Library – Judy Gray

Microscope Station – The Haist-Grinnell Family

Marine Debris Display – Remote Passages

Great Pool – Jamie’s Whaling Station

Shallow Tide Pool Long Beach / West Coast Wild

Salmon and Kelp Forest Blackrock Oceanfront Resort

Jelly Kriesel Pajo’s Fish and Chips

Anemone Tidepool  Kaleigh, Nick and Sunny Haisch

Greenlings Surf Junction Campground

Sea Pen Cube Tank Zoe’s Bakery

Microplastics Display  Remote Passages

Jewel Tanks 1  Harris Oceanside Chevrolet

Jewel Tanks 2 The Lim Family

Juvenile Rockfish Cube  Laurie Christensen and Colin MA

Wolf Eel Cube – Dr. T. Yagos and Fennel Bruzzese

Brooding Anemone Tank  The Forrest Family

Volunteer with the Ucluelet Aquarium

Work at the Ucluelet Aquarium

The Ucluelet Aquarium is currently hiring Seasonal Aquarists / Interpreters! Aquarist/Interpreters monitor and maintain exhibit health and cleanliness, orient visitors through the facility as well as the community, and act as ambassadors for the surrounding marine environment. Please read the full job description HERE. Applications can be sent to Laura at laura@uclueletaquarium.org