Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about local marine biodiversity and promote respect for the ocean environment. We greet visitors from all over the world treating them to a very personal view of the fish and invertebrates from our local waters in Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds.

Our Projects

BIVALVE SURVEY:The Ucluelet Aquarium is participating in a new study testing BC Hydro’s practices of bivalve migration during submarine cable trenching. We are asking: What are the effects on clams after they are dug out, exposed and reburied? 

Using the Ucluelet mud flats as a study site we are comparing different exposure times for the clams, including: clams that remain buried, clams that have been dug up and reburied immediately and clams that are left out for two hours before reburying.

Stay tuned for more information!

SEA STAR WASTING SYNDROME: In light of the recent sea star wasting epidemic, the Ucluelet Aquarium has paired with the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society and UCSC to conduct monthly sea star surveys. The surveys will help researches assess the progression and extent of the disease. For more information strawberryisle.org.

PARK TALKS: Once a week a Ucluelet Aquarium interpreter brings a small display of local marine animals to the Kwisitis Visitor Centre (on Wickinninish Beach) and educates the public on the featured organisms. Free and available during our peak season (June-August).

Our Team

  • Laura
    Laura Curator
  • Patrick
    Patrick Senior Aquarist & Marine Biologist
  • John
    John Technical Services Officer
  • Alana
    Alana Aquarist & Interpreter 1
  • Veronica
    Veronica Aquarist & Interpreter 1
  • Karen
    Karen Retail & Marketing Coordinator

Ucluelet Aquarium’s Board of Directors

Jim Shinkewski

Vice President
Emily Fulton

Directors at Large
Carl Sieber
Emily Fulton
Judy Gray
Lana MacInnis
Miriam Boysen

Ucluelet Council Representative
Jennifer Hoar

Geoff Lyons

Director Emeritus
Philip Bruecker

Our Donors

The Ucluelet Aquarium Society is grateful to the following sponsors for their support and encouragement which made the 2012 opening of our current facility possible.
To give a donation please contact info@uclueletaquarium.org or visit our Canada Helps page.

Oceans Sponsors: $50,000+
  • District of Ucluelet
  • Island Coastal Economic Trust
  • Iisaak Forest Resources
  • Living Elements Research Ltd.
  • Mainstream Canada
  • West Coast Community Adjustment Program
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation
Ecosystem Sponsors: $15,000 - $49,999
  • Clayoquot Biosphere Trust
  • Danny Kent, Fish Eye Photography
  • Serengeti Design Group Inc.
  • Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce
  • Anonymous
Habitat Sponsors: $5,000 - $14,999
  • Canwest Propane Partnership
  • Creative Salmon
  • Stephanie Deering & Rob Adams
  • Kevin Ebi, Living Wilderness Photography
  • Laurie Crozier and Bruce Edwards
  • Dr. Zelig & Enid Hurwitz
  • Jamie’s Whaling Station
  • Stefan Linquist
  • Peter Ramos
  • Koji Sato, Intellect Solutions Inc.
  • Eric Enno Tamm
  • Ucluelet Rent-it Centre
  • Ukee Dogs
Niche Sponsors: $1 - $4,999
  • Archipelago Cruises Ltd.
  • Archipelago Marine Research
  • Anonymous
  • Aviawest/Water’s Edge Resort
  • B.C. Waters @ Vancouver Aquarium
  • Rina Bekker-Vigneault & Jur Bekker
  • Sharon Berry
  • Black Rock Oceanfront Resort
  • Philip and Kumiko Bruecker
  • J.A. Cook
  • Deane and Hedley Crowther
  • Coastal Community Credit Union
  • Mark Cunnington
  • William Davis
  • Darcy Dobel
  • Jan Draeseke
  • Kane Edwards
  • Fishful Thinking
  • Carol A. Forsyth
  • Donna Fulton
  • Carole Gagne
  • Kenneth Gamel
  • Adam Gillmor
  • Green World Building
  • Howie & Sheila Hambleton
  • Thomas & Nancy Hobbs
  • Karen Hodder
  • Calla, Rebecca & Dave Hurwitz
  • Dr. Peter Jacyk
  • Kristine Johnson
  • Dr. Ian Jones
  • Verna G. Kojima
  • Barbara and Harry Lee
  • Mike & Pam Lim
  • Majestic Westcoast Wilderness Adventures
  • Adrienne Mason
  • Lois Mathieson
  • Shelly and Penelope McKinlay
  • Bill Morrison
  • Peter Neweduk
  • Sheila & Blair Odney
  • Josie Osborne
  • Pina
  • Pacific Rim Chiropractic
  • Pacific Rim Vacation Rentals
  • Gerald Protti
  • Rosemary Renstad
  • Margaret Van Rosendaal
  • Marie Frances Roy
  • Mary Saunders
  • Schramm Design
  • Barb Schramm
  • Anne Sellmer
  • Pat Sexsmith
  • Fiona Solon
  • Square One Developments Ltd.
  • South Shore Electric
  • Wendy Standing
  • Dr. Craig Stephen
  • Laurie and Douglas Strother
  • Jaimie Swainson
  • Szocs Family
  • Terrace Beach Resort Inc.
  • The Cabins
  • Tough City Sushi
  • Toquaht Nation
  • Anita Tavera
  • Ucluelet Video Services Ltd.
  • Ucluelet Rent-it Centre
  • Riley & Shirley Varnes
  • Angela Vibert
  • Deneli Somshor-Walsh
  • Ken & Debbie Webb
  • Suzanne Brett Welsh
  • Peter Whitworth
  • Christina James and Brock Wilson
  • David Yorke
  • Aquaparian Environmental Consulting Ltd.

The Ucluelet Aquarium’s History


In the spring of 2004, the Ucluelet Mini Aquarium was opened as a pilot project on the Ucluelet waterfront. Conceived by Philip Bruecker as an alternative to large modern public aquaria, its focus was on local species only, interactivity, open display of infrastructure and, most importantly, a “catch-and-release” model which saw specimens released back to their home habitats each autumn.

This pilot project proved popular and the non-profit Ucluelet Aquarium Society was formed to oversee and grow the aquarium.

By the late 2000’s, the increasing popularity of the aquarium strongly suggested that our ‘plywood shack’ Mini Aquarium was no longer able to meet the needs of the public and plans were hatched to construct a permanent facility.

With thousands of hours of volunteer input, widespread contributions from local businesses and, finally, support from municipal, provincial and federal governments, the new Ucluelet Aquarium opened its doors in May of 2012. Designed by Blue Sky Architecture and built by local tradespeople, the aquarium has proved popular with residents and visitors alike. The aquarium now attracts international attention.

As visitorship continues to grow, and programming, outreach and conservation efforts expand and evolve, the Ucluelet Aquarium has remained true to its founding principles.