Super Suckers


Written by James A. Cosgrove & Neil McDaniel

This book is the culmination of more than 40 years of undersea photography and study of the most impressive octopus in the northeast Pacific Ocean, the giant Pacific octopus. This fascinating monster of the deep – the largest known octopus species in the world – is a master of disguise that  can mimic not only the colour but also the texture of its surroundings. It can alter its shape so effectively that small specimens have escaped captivity by slithering down aquarium filter pipes. A voracious predator, it hunts and devours a variety of prey, including crabs, scallops, clams and even unwary fishes and birds. Normally shy, it may interact with divers its comes to recognize. It grows more quickly than nearly any other marine animal, and can reach more than 9 meters (30ft) in radial span when fully grown.

Groundbreaking research and previously unpublished biological behaviours are presented along with octopus legends, anecdotes from aquarists and divers and more than 150 colour photographs of the giant Pacific octopus and other cephalopods found along the Pacific coast, including the Pacific red octopus, opalescent squid, stubby squid, Humboldt squid, neon flying squid, giant squid and North Pacific giant squid.



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