Bilz Ceramic Creations


Unique and accurate renderings of local marine species. Molds are made using real fish specimens and with these molds replicas are cast. Every scale, pore and wrinkle is duplicated. The cast specimens are then coloured with acrylic paints using an extensive collection of photos and notes. The quest is to create a permanent three-dimensional record of every organism found along the Pacific coast.

Bat Star

Red Turban Snail

Sunflower Star on Moonsnail Shell

Acorn Barnacles on California Mussel Shell

Northern Abalone

Nutall’s Cockle

Grunt Sculpin Pin

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Acorn Barnacles on California Mussel Shell, Bat Star, Cockle, Grunt Sculpin Heart Pin, Northern Abalone, Red Turban Snail, Sunflower Star on Moon Snail Shell